Young Americans show us how it is done!

We were truly inspired by the generosity and selflessness of the children at Otterbein Elementary School in Otterbein, IN this week.  Every year they choose a charity or cause early in the school year for their Jar-Wars fund raiser.  They then present the funds they have saved and collected at their end of year school awards ceremony. 

We are sure there are many things these kids could have done with this money to benefit themselves or their school, but instead they chose to help others.  This year they chose our Mission K9 Warrior to be the beneficiary of their generosity and hard work.  These kids gathered their pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters and donated $800.00 to our Mission K9 Warrior program! 

This donation was humbling and inspirational, and it makes us so proud!  In a time when we hear about so many negative things going on in our country, these kids inspired us all with their hard work and selfless act of generosity.  

We also wanted to give credit and thanks to the parents and teachers of these young Americans.  Because of you and your guidance, the efforts of these children made a difference in their country that could save the life of a veteran.  Their incredible donation will be a huge part of funding our service dog number eleven for Mission K9 Warrior!   A local veteran in crisis suffering from PTSD will get a service dog with the help of this donation. 

Well done Otterbein Elementary School!  Thank you!