Mission K9 Warrior - Fighting for those who fought for us!

​"I have one of the dogs. SGT MAJOR BIGFOOT. He has helped me more than you ever know. He is my constant shadow. Right now he has had breakfast and has his head on my foot. He has woken me up from many Nam dreams and thought. He is so special I  don't have a clue how he does it but it's worked every time since i got him. Right now he knows I'm thinking about Nam. He is pushing his head under my arm making hard to type. Don't have a clue how he does it but it's real.

                  Karl and Bigfoot"​

After the tragic loss of our brother Justin Wade Marcinko last week we asked his family if we could honor him by naming our next PTSD service dog after him.  It is our honor to introduce Wade! He is currently being trained to help one of our local military veterans in crisis.  He is extremely smart and yes he is a very good boy!  We will never forget Justin and his service to our country, we will remember and honor him through our mission and through Wade.  - May God bless America and all our veterans.

Help us spread our mission to help others.

In America today there is an emotional and psychological crisis affecting many of our combat veterans. Many of them are suffering from PTSD because they brought these horrors and nightmares home. Too often they are forced to fight these battles alone and in solitude. Even their families suffer as they try and support them in their private journey through this process of transitioning home. Our mission is to raise funds to provide highly trained service K9s to these combat veterans at no charge to them. These service K9s can literally be a life saving difference in the life of a combat veteran in crisis.​ 

We invite veterans in need to apply for one of these highly trained K9 Service dogs.  Our Mission K9 Warrior team reviews all applications.  It is our goal to provide a K9 service dog to the qualified veterans that need them the most. 

Mission K9 Warrior Program Qualifications:

1) Veteran must have served in a combat theater that contributed to PTSD or TBI.
2) Must be in services for PTSD or TBI with a 30% rating.
3) Must be able to provide a good home and healthy diet for the K9 service dog.
4) Must provide consistent veterinary care for the life of the K9 Service dog.

5) The K9 trainer has final say on qualifying the applicants.